Architectural-grade Qingquan HPMC, good water retention, high transparency

Product DescriptionHydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose is a kind or non-ionic cellulose ether made from natural polymer materals through a series of chemical processing. They are odorless, tasteless, non-toxic white powder that dissolves in cold water to form a transparent, viscous solution. Properties of thickening, bonding, dispers

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Product Description
Qingquan HPMC for Construction Grade, with Good Water Retention and High TransparencyHydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose is a kind or non-ionic cellulose ether made from natural polymer materals through a series of chemical processing. They are odorless, tasteless, non-toxic white powder that dissolves in cold water to form a transparent, viscous solution. Properties of thickening, bonding, dispersion, film formation, suspension, absorption, gels, surface activity, mositure retention and protective colloid.
Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose can be used in building materials, coating industry, synthetic resin industry, ceramics industry, medicine, food, textile, agriculture, cosmetics and other etc.

Hypromellose is a solid, and is a slightly off-white to beige powder in appearance and may be formed into granules. The compound forms colloids when dissolved in water. This non-toxic ingredient is combustible and can react vigorously with oxidizing agents.

Hypromellose in an aqueous solution, like methylcellulose, exhibits a thermal gelation property. That is, when the solution heats up to a critical temperature, the solution congeals into a non-flowable but semi-flexible mass. Typically, this critical (congealing) temperature is inversely related to both the solution concentration of HPMC and the concentration of the methoxy group within the HPMC molecule (which in turn depends on both the degree of substitution of the methoxy group and the molar substitution). That is, the higher the concentration of the methoxy group, the lower the critical temperature. The inflexibility/viscosity of the resulting mass, however, is directly related to the concentration of the methoxy group (the higher the concentration is, the more viscous or less flexible the resulting mass is)[citation needed].


There are many fields of application for hypromellose, including:

  • Tile adhesives
  • Cement renders
  • Gypsum products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paints & coatings
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Detergents & cleaners
  • Eye drops
  • Contact lenses

Use in whole grain breads

Agricultural Research Service scientists are investigating using the plant-derived HPMC as a substitute for gluten in making all-oat and other grain breads.[citation needed] Gluten, which is present in wheat, rye, and barley, is absent (or present only in trace quantities) in oat and other grains. Like gluten, HPMC can trap air bubbles formed by the yeast in bread dough, causing the bread to rise.

Use in construction materials

HPMC is used primarily in construction materials like tile adhesives and renders where it is used as a rheology modifier and water retention agent.

Functionally HPMC is very similar to HEMC (hydroxy ethyl methyl cellulose) Trade names include Methocel and Walocel. The global leading producer is now DuPont, formerly manufactured under Dow Wolff Cellulosics GmbH.

Ophthalmic applications

Hypromellose solutions were patented as a semisynthetic substitute for tear-film.Its molecular structure is predicated upon a base celluloid compound that is highly water-soluble. Post-application, celluloid attributes of good water solubility reportedly aid in visual clarity. When applied, a hypromellose solution acts to swell and absorb water, thereby expanding the thickness of the tear-film. Hypromellose augmentation therefore results in extended lubricant time presence on the cornea, which theoretically results in decreased eye irritation, especially in dry climates, home, or work environments. On a molecular level, this polymer contains beta-linked D-glucose units that remain metabolically intact for days to weeks. On a manufacturing note, since hypromellose is a vegetarian substitute for gelatin, it is slightly more expensive to produce due to semisynthetic manufacturing processes. Aside from its widespread commercial and retail availability over the counter in a variety of products, Hypromellose 2% solution has been documented to be used during surgery to aid in corneal protection and during orbital surgery.

Excipient/tableting ingredient

In addition to its use in ophthalmic liquids, hypromellose has been used as an excipient in oral tablet and capsule formulations, where, depending on the grade, it functions as controlled release agent to delay the release of a medicinal compound into the digestive tract.[10] It is also used as a binder and as a component of tablet coatings.

Test methods

Various benchmark tests are used to qualify hypromellose:

  • Viscosity
  • Degree of substitution (DS)
  • Molar substitution (MS)
  • Salt content
  • Moisture

Viscosity test methods

Because hypromellose solution is a non-newtonian solution and exhibits pseudoplastic, more specifically, thixotropic behavior, various test methods are available, and the results of different methods and viscosimeters do not necessarily correspond to each other. Also, due to viscometer acceptable ranges of error, viscosity is typically given as a mean, or as a range. Typical viscosity test will specify the following:

  • Solution concentration (1%, 2%, 1.9% bone dry, etc.)
  • Viscometer (RheoSense m-VROC and microVISC, Brookfield LV or RV, Höppler falling ball, Haake Rotovisco, etc.)
  • Viscometer spindle number (1 ~ 4 for Brookfield LV, 1 ~ 7 for Brookfield RV, etc.)
  • Solution Temperature (20 °C, 25 °C, etc.)

Degree of substitution

Degree of substitution is the average level of methoxy substitution on the cellulose chain. Since there are maximum three possible sites of substitution with each cellulose molecule, this average value is a real number between 0 and 3. However, degree of substitution is often expressed in percentages.

Molar substitution

Molar substitution is the average level of hydroxypropoxy substitution on the cellulose chain. Since hydroxypropoxy base can be attached to each other on side chains and does not each require a base substitution site on the cellulose molecule, this number can be higher than 3. However, molar substitution is also often expressed in percentages.


Since all cellulose ethers are hygroscopic, they will absorb moisture from surroundings if left exposed from original packaging. Thus, moisture must be tested and weight corrected to ensure adequate amount of dry active material are apportioned for usage. Moisture is tested by weighing a sample of X grams on an analytic scale, and drying the sample in an oven at 105 °C for 2 hours, then weighing the sample again on the same scale.

Gel Temperature  (ºC)
Ash Content (%)
less than 5 
Moisture Content (%)
less than 5
white powder 
Particle Size
Mesh 80
Viscosity, NDJ-1, 2% solution, 20 ºC
400-200,000 mpa.s
Suface treatment 
Water retention
more than 90
HPMC Application

Qingquan HPMC for Construction Grade, with Good Water Retention and High Transparency
Qingquan HPMC for Construction Grade, with Good Water Retention and High Transparency
Qingquan HPMC for Construction Grade, with Good Water Retention and High Transparency
Qingquan HPMC for Construction Grade, with Good Water Retention and High Transparency
-It can be disperse in water easily, has the properties of good color development, good thickening, good emulsiification and good biological stability.
-Easy dry mix formulation due to cold water solubility: lump formation can be easily avoided.
-Good water retention
-Increased water demand
-Easier spreadiing and improved sagging resistance
-Great water retention
-Sag resistance
-Mortar yield
-Easy to mix without agglomeration
-Excellent water retention
-Good working performance stability
-Increased water demand
-Qingquan product can provide good lubricity and plasticity, it can also provide the operational for ceramic molding
-Extremely low ash content can provide a very dense internal structure after calcination, while delicate rounded surface of product.
-Workability: it can provide the suitable viscosity, which has a good plasticity and easy to work.
-Water retention: Qingquan product can make the slurry fully hydreated, which extend the wording time and avoid adhesion on the surface for the slurry and not sag.
-Prevention of bleeding
-Maintain fluidity, reprove water retention
-Great water retention
-Work performance improvement
-Improve the wettability of mortar
Technical Parameters for tile adhesive
ProductHPMC GradeViscosity (Brookfield)Properties
NormalMH-K60, MH-K80, MH-K100, MH-K15030000, 40000,50000,65000Good water retention, good workability, general purpose
ModifiedMH-K40X, MH-K60X, MH-K80X, MH-K100X, MH-K40LX, MH-K60LX, MH-K80LX, MH-K100LX20000, 30000, 40000,50000Long open time, good water retention, good adhesion strength, good slip resistance
Technical Parameters for gypsum based products
ProductHPMC GradeViscosity (Brookfield)Properties
NormalMH-K60, MH-K100, MH-K15030000,50000,65000Good water retention, good workability
ModifiedMH-G100, MH-G150, MH-G60H, MH-G100H, MH-G150H, MH-G60T, MH-G100T, MH-G150T30000,50000,65000Good water retention, easy mixed, good workability, good anti-sagging, high water demand,  excellent anti-sagging

Technical Parameters for cement based putty
ProductHPMC GradeViscosity (Brookfield)Properties
NormalMH-K60, MH-K80, MH-K100, MH-K15030000,50000,65000Good water retention, good workability
ModifiedMH-K60X, MH-K80X, MH-K100X, MH-K60XA, MH-K80XA, MH-K100XA30000, 40,000, 50000Good water retention, easy mixed, good workability, good anti-sagging, excellent anti-sagging, excellent long operable time, less bubbles, low cost, general purpose
Packing & Delivery
Qingquan HPMC for Construction Grade, with Good Water Retention and High Transparency
Packaging: - 25 KG per woven/paper bag made with compound woven fabric and inner PE bag. - 12000kg (520 bags) of palletized goods in 20' container. - 24000kg (960 bags) of palletized goods in 40' container.
Company Profile

Qingquan HPMC for Construction Grade, with Good Water Retention and High TransparencyQingquan cellulose co., LTD was approved & authorized by the state bureau in December 2016. The company covers an area of 160 mu, with more than 220 employees, including 40 tehnicians. The company cooperates with domestic & foreign research and development institutions to continuously develop products, and has built a 30,000 tons hydroxypropyl methycellulose industrialization base. The production line adopts Germany's advanced production technology and large horizontal reaction kettle, which breaks through the current domestc production method. Strong economic strength, rich human resources for the company's long-term development laid a solid foundation.
The company relies on the advanced production technology & equipment, the function complete R & D center, ISO 9000 quality system scientific management, the production technolgy achieves the international advanced level, its product can satisfy tnhe different level customer demand. The company adheres to the principle of " quality first, pursiut of excellence".

Over the years, we have been dedicated to polymer chemicals and fine chemicals and R&D related to chemical industries. Right now, with a complete quality monitoring facilities, we are a trustworthy employer with 17 engineers and 30 technical consultants. In addition, We have been certificated by ISO9001: 2015 quality management system. We have attached great importance to innovation and expanded our business presence to US, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and Myanmar by introducing cutting edge technology and cooperating with experts home and abroad. In domestic, we have brought considerable profits to our clients and helped them cut down cost by enhancing product quality and performance. We also have made great contribution to construction, high-speed railway and water conservancy projects. We now own 30 transport cars and provide a thorough after-sale service to all the countries.
Adhering to a customer-centered working philosophy, we provide all our clients with a whole-hearted service and seek a sustainable development by focusing on quality and service. In a long run, we are ready to make deeply cooperation with partners from all sectors in order to build an environment friendly, energy conserved and emission reduced community for China and the whole world.
Qingquan HPMC for Construction Grade, with Good Water Retention and High Transparency
Q1.: Are you manufacturer or trader?
A1:we are a professional manufacturer of HPMC.

Q2: what is your terms of payment?
A: We can accept LC, TT, DP, AD, West Union, MoneyGram.

Q3: What is your terms of delivery?

Q4: Can you produce according to the samples?
A: Yes, you can send your sample to me. After test, we will make it according to your requirements.

Q5: Can you provide samples for free?
A: Yes, We can provide samples to customers for free.


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