Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose powder concrete chemicals HPMC cotton cellulose

CAS:9004-65-3  Molecular Formula: C56H108O30Molecular Weight: 1261.4387Product nameHPMCcontent of methoxy28.0-30.0 27.0-30.0 19.0-24.0content of hydroxypropyl7.0-12.0 4.0-7.5 4.0-12.0moisture≤5%Ash≤1%PH Value4-8ApperanceWhie powderFitness80-100 listViscosity300-200,000 It can be custmizedHPMC increased with methoxy co

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Molecular Formula: C56H108O30
Molecular Weight: 1261.4387
Product nameHPMC
content of methoxy28.0-30.0 27.0-30.0 19.0-24.0
content of hydroxypropyl7.0-12.0 4.0-7.5 4.0-12.0
PH Value4-8
ApperanceWhie powder
Fitness80-100 list
Viscosity300-200,000 It can be custmized
HPMC increased with methoxy content reduce, the gel point water solubility and surface activity also declined. Depends on customers' situation
Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Powder Concrete Chemicals HPMC Cotton Cellulose

1. Water-soluble, non-ionic cellulose cellulose ether
2. Odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, white powder
3. Dissolved in cold water, forming a clear or slightly solution
4. Properties of thickening, binding, dispersing, emulsifying, film-forming, suspension, adsorption, gel, surface activity, water retention and protective colloid. 


1. Cement mortar: Improve the dispersion of cement-sand, greatly improve the plasticity and water retention of the mortar, and have an effect on preventing cracks, which can enhance the strength of the cement.
2, tile cement: improve the plasticity, water retention of the pressed tile mortar, improve the bonding strength of the tile, prevent powdering.
3, asbestos and other refractory coating: as a suspension agent, fluidity improver, but also improve the adhesion to the substrate.
4, gypsum coagulation slurry: improve water retention and processability, improve the adhesion to the substrate.
5. Joint cement: added to the joint cement for gypsum board to improve fluidity and water retention.
6. Latex putty: Improve the fluidity and water retention of putty based on resin latex.
7. Stucco: As a paste instead of natural material, it can improve water retention and improve the bonding force with the substrate.
8. Coating: As a plasticizer for latex paint, it has an effect on improving the handling properties and fluidity of paints and putty powder.
9. Spray coating: It has good effect on preventing the cement or latex coating from sinking and improving the fluidity and spray pattern.
10. Cement and gypsum secondary products: used as an extrusion molding binder for hydraulic materials such as cement-asbestos, which improves fluidity and provides uniform molded articles.
11. Fiber wall: It is effective as a binder for sand walls due to its anti-enzyme and antibacterial action.
12. Others: It can be used as a bubble retaining agent (PC version) which acts as a thin clay mortar and a mud hydraulic operator.

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Powder Concrete Chemicals HPMC Cotton Cellulose

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Packing: In 25kg bags out HDPE bags inner with LDPE bags
Store it in a cool, dry place below 30degree and protected against humidity and pressing, since the goods is thermoplastic, storage time should not exceed six months.
Quantity/20GP:12Tons with pallets,14tons without pallets.
Quantity/40GP:24Tons with pallets ,28tons without pallets.
Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Powder Concrete Chemicals HPMC Cotton Cellulose

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Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Powder Concrete Chemicals HPMC Cotton Cellulose

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Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Powder Concrete Chemicals HPMC Cotton Cellulose

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