Gypsum-based gypsum HPMC methyl hydroxypropyl

English: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Abbreviation: HPMC, MHPCAlias: Hypromellose; Cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl ether; Hypromellose, Cellulose,2-hydroxypropylmethyl ether. Cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl ether Hyprolose;CAS number: [9004-65-3] Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is made of highly pure cotton cellulose as raw

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Gypsum Based Plaster HPMC Methyl Hydroxypropyl
English: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Abbreviation: HPMC, MHPC

Alias: Hypromellose; Cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl ether; Hypromellose, Cellulose,

2-hydroxypropylmethyl ether. Cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl ether Hyprolose;

CAS number: [9004-65-3]

 Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is made of highly pure cotton cellulose as raw material, and is prepared by special etherification under alkaline conditions. The whole process is completed under automated monitoring and does not contain any animal organs, oils and other active ingredients.

HPMC Main Function
-It can be disperse in water easily, has the properties of good color development, good thickening, good emulsiification and good biological stability.
-Easy dry mix formulation due to cold water solubility: lump formation can be easily avoided.
-Good water retention
-Increased water demand
-Easier spreadiing and improved sagging resistance
-Great water retention
-Sag resistance
-Mortar yield
-Easy to mix without agglomeration
-Excellent water retention
-Good working performance stability
-Increased water demand
-Qingquan product can provide good lubricity and plasticity, it can also provide the operational for ceramic molding
-Extremely low ash content can provide a very dense internal structure after calcination, while delicate rounded surface of product.
-Workability: it can provide the suitable viscosity, which has a good plasticity and easy to work.
-Water retention: Qingquan product can make the slurry fully hydreated, which extend the wording time and avoid adhesion on the surface for the slurry and not sag.
-Prevention of bleeding
-Maintain fluidity, reprove water retention
-Great water retention
-Work performance improvement
-Improve the wettability of mortar
Gypsum Based Plaster HPMC Methyl Hydroxypropyl

Physical properties:

This product is a non-ionic cellulose ether, white powder in appearance, odorless and tasteless, soluble in water and most polar organic solvents and appropriate proportions of ethanol/water, propanol/water, dichloroethane, etc. Diethyl ether, acetone, and absolute ethanol are insoluble, and swell into a clear or slightly turbid colloidal solution in cold water. The aqueous solution has surface activity, high transparency and stable performance. HPMC has thermal gel properties. The product solution forms a gel after heating, and then dissolves after cooling. The gel temperature of products with different specifications is different. The solubility changes with the viscosity. The lower the viscosity, the greater the solubility. There are certain differences in the properties of different specifications of HPMC. The dissolution of HPMC in water is not affected by the pH value. Granularity: The pass rate of 100 mesh is greater than 100%. Bulk density: 0.25-0.70g/ (usually about 0.4g/), specific gravity 1.26-1.31. Discoloration temperature: 180-200ºC, carbonization temperature: 280-300ºC. HPMC has the characteristics of thickening ability, salt drainage, pH stability, water retention, dimensional stability, excellent film-forming properties, and wide range of enzyme resistance, dispersibility and adhesion.
Gypsum Based Plaster HPMC Methyl Hydroxypropyl


Hpmc Features:

1.Appearance: HPMC is a white to light yellow powder or granular product
2.Solubility: HPMC is nearly insoluble in anhydrous ethanol, ethyl ether and acetone. It is swelled in cold water to form a transparent or a slight cloudy solution. HPMC can be dissolved into some organic solvents and also in water-organic solvent mixed solvents.
3.Graininess:The product particle size is greater than or equal to 80mesh.
4.With reduction of methoxyl groups content, HPMC is increased in gelling temperature and decreased in water solubility and surface activity.

In order to allow everyone to better understand the different uses of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Qingquan Fiber has sorted out some application industries for everyone, and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose can be used as building materials. Coating industry, ceramic industry, medicine, food, textile, agriculture, makeup and other industries.

Gypsum-based plastering application (NDJ) 50000-150000mpa.s (brookfield)30000-550000
Water retention: Qingquan cellulose can retain the moisture in the mortar and make the gypsum completely solidified. The higher the year of the solution, the stronger the water retention capacity. On the contrary, the weaker the water retention capacity.
Anti-sagging property: allows the builder to apply a thicker coating without causing building ripples.
Mortar yield: For a fixed weight of dry mortar, the presence of Qingquan cellulose can produce a larger wet mortar volume.

Self-leveling mortar application (NDJ) 400-10000mpa.s (brookfield)400-10000
Prevent bleeding: Qingquan cellulose can play a very good suspension around, preventing slurry precipitation and bleeding.
Maintain fluidity and improve water retention: The low-viscosity Qingquan cellulose will not affect the fluidity of the slurry and is convenient for construction. At the same time, it has a certain degree of water retention, which makes the surface effect after self-leveling good and avoids product cracks.

Jointing agent application (NDJ) 100000-200000mpa.s (brookfield) 45000-650000
Workability: Cellulose provides qualified viscosity, good plasticity and easy construction.
Water retention: Cellulose can fully hydrate the slurry, prolong the construction time and avoid product cracking.
Anti-sagging: Cellulose can make the slurry adhere firmly to the surface without sagging.

Tile Adhesive (NDJ) 100000-200000mpa.s (brookfield)45000-650000
Water retention: Qingquan cellulose can reduce the water absorbed by the substrate and tiles in the mortar. Keep the moisture in the adhesive as much as possible, so that the mortar is coated for a long period of time after being thrown to maintain the adhesion. Significantly prolonged opening time can enable workers to coat a larger area each time and improve construction efficiency.

Improve bonding strength and anti-slip performance: Qingquan cellulose can ensure that tiles will not slide during construction, especially for heavy tiles, marble and other stones.

Improved working performance: The lubricating performance of Qingquan cellulose significantly improves the working performance of the mortar, making the mortar easy to flow and smear, and improve working efficiency.

Improve the wettability of the mortar: Qingquan cellulose imparts the consistency of the mortar, improves the wetting ability of the mortar with tiles and substrates, and improves the bonding force of the wet mortar, especially for high water-cement ratio formulations.

Tile adhesiveCement mortarCrack

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Company information

Shijiazhuang Qingquan Cellulose Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales, and technical services. It has a complete set of advanced production equipment, adopts advanced German production technology, strong technical force, and complete and strict manufacturing and testing. The process and product quality are in compliance with relevant standards. 


The company's products not only have a large share in the domestic market, but are also exported to Europe, America, Japan, North Korea, Southeast Asia and other regions, and have established long-term friendly cooperative relations with customers. Shijiazhuang Qingquan Cellulose Co., Ltd. has invested more than 100 million yuan. The factory covers an area of 120 acres and has more than 220 employees, including 50 scientific and technical personnel. The company has complete analysis and testing equipment to ensure that the incoming and outgoing materials can meet the process needs, and can produce and provide different types and specifications of cellulose products according to the special requirements of customers. The company's leading cellulose products are widely used in chemical, building materials, architectural coatings, daily chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, and sell well in more than 20 domestic provinces and cities.

Gypsum Based Plaster HPMC Methyl Hydroxypropyl
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Gypsum Based Plaster HPMC Methyl Hydroxypropyl


1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?

We are manufacturer and we have import and export right.


2. How can you promise your quality is good?

(1) Free sample provide for test.

(2) Before delivery , each batch will be tested strictly and retained sample will be kept in our stock to trace the variations of product quality.


3. What is your payment?

L/C at sight or T/T 30% in advance, 70% balance againest the copy of B/L.


4. Are you supply OEM?

We could offer OEM service according to customers requirement.


5. About the storage?

Stored in cool and dry place, avoid humidity and direct sunlight.


6. Can you produce according to the sample?

Yes , we can produce according to the sample.


7. What is your loading port?

Tianjin port.

Gypsum Based Plaster HPMC Methyl Hydroxypropyl

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